Welcome to our International Section

International Outlook
From the beginning in 1985 Uppercut Dance Theater has always had an international outlook. The company was in fact founded by two Americans living in Denmark; Cher Geurtze og Sheila de Val.

We still find valuable inspiration for our performances in close collaboration with colleagues from all over the world.

We would be more than pleased to discuss possible future collaborations with your company, venue or educational institution.
A Short Introduction
For more than 30 years, Uppercut Dance Theater has created powerful performances aimed at the adult, the young - and the youngest - audiences.

Most performances lie in a dynamic intersection between Modern Contemporary Dance, Break Dance and Physical Theater. They allow us to discover role models and bodily responses to some of Life’s many questions. The stories are served with a twinkle in the eye and with a powerful physical urban expression.

The company is today under the artistic leadership of Stephanie Thomasen and Mark Philip. Uppercut Dance Theater is the house company at the Dance Chapel ‘Dansekapellet’ in Copenhagen, the main institution for Urban Dance in Denmark.

The company consists of 9-11 professional dancers who perform as well as teach.
Award Winning Performances
The company's dynamic performances are both humorous and of high artistic quality, which have led to many prizes and nominations, most recently a prestigious Danish Reumert nomination for choreographer Stephanie Thomasen for the 2019 dance performance PANIC DAY, and to dancer Mark Philip for Dancer of the Year.
Tour Performances