Leading Dance Company
Uppercut Dance Theater has established itself as one of the leading dance companies catering to children and adolescents.

The last five years have also been marked by an increased effort on presenting ”young urban culture” to adult audiences.   
Creative Connections
We consider workshops/masterclasses as well as artist talks fruitful oppurtunities for the exchange of creative ideas and the development of our dancers’ skills
Caught in the air with your head down. JUMP is a performance of struggling, jumping, falling, stumbling and landing back on your feet. About being and bearing your mistakes to a degree where you might eventually end up succeeding.
In collaboration with Israeli choreographer Ofir Yudilevitch.

Panic Day
PANIC DAY is the day where you have do everything right: Bake healthy bread for breakfast, be a good son, an even better mom, pass your exam, be employer of the month, a trusted friend, the "first lover" in town and the worlds happiest newly divorced - Are you ready?

In CRASH seven top talented male dancers clash across national borders in a performance, where cultural meetings, mutual understanding and collissions are at stake.
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Differences is a performance both about what pulls us together and what drives us apart; about finding a common place despite differences - if we can.