International Co-Productions

Successful International Collaborations
Several of Uppercut Dance Theater ’s most recent succesful performances have been created in co-production with colleagues from all over the world:
  • DIFFERENCES, (2012) – Uppercut Dance Theater (Denmark), S.I.N.E. Crew (Vietnam) and DF Zulu Breakers (Brazil)
  • CRASH, (2015-2017) – Uppercut Dance Theater (Denmark) and DF Zulu Breakers (Brazil)
  • JUMP, (2019) – Uppercut Dance Theater (Denmark) and Ofir Yudilevitch (Israel)
We would be pleased to discuss your ideas for new joint projects within Urban and Contemporary Dance!
"Co-Production Mini"
Uppercut Dance Theater  would like to invite you to participate in a mutually inspirational ”Co-production Mini” concept with the performance DIFFERENCES:

  1. Uppercut Dance Theater  visits your company, venue or educational institution with a well tested concept and our team of choregraphers and dancers
  2. You select a numer of dancers who represent your local cultural and artistic characteristics
  3. The two teams rehearse and present the ”new” performance
Different ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds - differences tell us apart, but can they be used to our advantage?