Panic Day Reviews

"This is where Stephanie Thomasen, as a female choreographer, moves into the league of artists who dare to dig into the dark side of the mind and invest herself."
- Majbrit Hjelmsbo, Weekendavisen

"But Panic Day is more than an educational demonstration, it is movement, expression, imagination, all positive examples of dance as a means of expression. You might say that where words don't suffice, there is dance"
- Knud Cornelius, Frederiksborg Amtsavis

* * * * * _
"Uppercut Dance Theater confirms their persistent artistic curiosity with the rather stunning performance PANIC DAY."
- Michael Søby, CPHCulture

“There is also no end to the ingenuity of Stephanie Thomasen's razor-sharp choreography (…). Everything intensely and expressively danced by the uncontrollably capable ensemble, which also counts the choreographer himself as the only woman. "
- Randi K. Pedersen, Teateravisen

* * * * _ _
In Panic Day, Uppercut Dance Theater delivers a playful and humorous interpretation of the performance society and all the physical aspects that hit a human being when panic sets in.
- Amalie Pontoppidan Witt, Cultural magazine Fine Spind