Young Audiences

Touring the World
For more than 30 years Uppercut Dance Theater has been touring with performances for children and adolescents nationally in Denmark and internationally in China, Vietnam, Russia, South Korea, Germany, Italy, England, USA, Turkey and most recently Brazil and France.
Appealing for Adolescents and Young Adults
Our recent national tour with the critically acclaimed performance JUMP, once again confirmed Uppercut Dance Theater as a company, which has a great appeal for adolescents and young adults (especially the age group 15-25). For many young people Uppercut Dance Theater’s performances act as an introduction to the performing arts. This is due, among other things, to the fact that we deal with issues that young people recognize from their daily lives.
Christmas Carrousel

3 - 7 years of age
Two cool boys need to find the true spirit of Christmas in order to keep the wheels turning, and save the Holidays. Read more
Jump & Differences

7 years and older
Four your young audiences you have a choice between a number of current themes: About finding the courage to taking a leap of faith (JUMP). DIFFERENCES is about the meeting of cultures.
Read more about JUMP & DIFFERENCES